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Many of us are baffled about the lack of tolerance for our fellow man, but often we don´t have the answer ourselves. Now the problems are stacking up. It's time for NEED4PEACE!


Need4Peace – ‘Share your thoughts’

Many of us are baffled about the lack of tolerance for our fellow man, but  often we don´t have the answer ourselves. Now the problems are stacking up:
from little unnecessary irritations in the street to all-out wars that are even being waged today. Men and women whose freedoms are taken away and live in fear everyday. Children who have to grow up without parents. On top of all that we have a looming food and drinking water crisis, ongoing global financial tragedy and an ever growing environmental crisis. These will no doubt bring about more chaos. In short, it's time for a little change. It's time for NEED4PEACE!

Making work of peace is a heavy burden for a single person. You could even say a sacrifice, but divided among a mass it becomes bearable. So now there are social media platforms emerging where people all around the world can have their say and be heard by a global audience, but the whole phenomenon remains still on the surface. Yet this newest of new media has proven to be very powerful and can even support a revolt, like recently in Serbia, Tunisia and Egypt.

Need4Peace wants to use this powerful medium as an ideal means to increase awareness for the necessity for peace. We want to motivate people and corporations to provide a positive contribution to a more peaceful society worldwide, however small the contribution may be.

Need4Peace is a project by two idealistic online creatives: Jordy Wouters and Patrick Rosema. In August 2010 Jordy came up with a raw concept: a website with photos of people giving the well-known peace sign. Then and there, Need4Peace was born. The gentlemen combined their powers and the concept was developed into what stands today. The idea was to give people the
opportunity to make a contribution to a more peaceful world. Not alone, but together. Many people have great ideas, big and small, but they usually don't have the connections or the resources to execute them. Thus arose the idea of giving companies the opportunity to sponsor peace projects created by random people. Companies may have the means, but they may not always have the best ideas. Need4Peace provides a platform to bring these two parties together and a stage for anyone who wants to show their heart is in the right place.

Over 11EN1

11EN1 is een internetbureau, opgericht in 2009 door twee ervaren creatieven: Patrick Rosema en Jordy Wouters. Wij werken met een wisselend team van experts. 11EN1 streeft er naar om interactieve media gebruiksvriendelijk in te richten en doeltreffend vorm te geven. Wij geloven in 1 op 1 communicatie en een langdurige relatie. Hierdoor leert u uw (potentiële) klant beter kennen en haalt u meer rendement uit uw investering. Uw klanten staan bij ons centraal, waardoor ze zich snel thuis voelen in uw online omgeving.
11EN1 is eigenzinnig en kritisch en voert niet zomaar alles uit. We denken vaak dat het net iets scherper kan. Uw ideeën of wensen weten we te vertalen naar iets concreets. Dit alles uiteraard binnen de planning en budget. Wij houden van een directe communicatie met de klant. Degene met wie u praat is degene die het maakt. Hierdoor zijn wij in staat om in een korte tijd een mooi product op te leveren.